The Basics of Bathing Your Dog

Part of owning a dog is to be responsible and take care of its bathing needs on a regular basis. Not only is this a step that ensures your pet looks great, but it also helps to ensure that your dog’s health stays in tip top shape as well. Regular bathing for your pet serves as the perfect time to make certain that their ears, teeth, eyes, and nose are all in good health.
For best results when bathing your pets, you will want to start this process at an early age. When you first bring a puppy into your home you can even pretend to go through the motions of bathing your pet until you feel comfortable with giving him his first bath. You will want to make sure you give him plenty of time to get used to his new home and his new owner before attempting a bath or grooming. When puppies learn about bathing at a young age, they tend to feel comfortable with the entire process all through their adult life.
There are, however, some dogs that hates to be bathed no matter how you approach this necessary task. If your pet happens to be an especially troublesome bather, you may want to consider leaving this job to a professional groomer. This is often the best option to ensure no accidental harm comes to you or your pet.
The skin of most dogs is fairly sensitive, which means it is best not to use any type of harsh shampoos. Depending on your pet, you may even want to use baby shampoo when you are bathing the head, neck, ears, and around the eyes. There are several different varieties of dog shampoo that you can choose from for bathing your pets. If fleas are a problem, try adding a few drops of Dawn dishwashing liquid or pine oil to the shampoo, as they work great for killing adult fleas.
You should always begin with your dog’s head when it’s time for a bath. Rather than pouring shampoo directly onto their coat, it is best to first pour the shampoo into your hands, and then carefully rub it into his coat. This helps to ensure that none of the shampoo accidentally gets into his eyes, which can cause inflammation and be very painful.
After you have finished bathing your dog’s head, then you will want to work from the neck towards the tail of your dog. It is important to pay special attention that you reach the underside of your pet, as this is an area that is harder to get to. If your dog grows up getting bathed once every few weeks or so, it won’t take them long to start looking forward to getting their coat and skin massaged. Just as a massage feels great to most humans, this is also true of your pets.
When the bathing process is complete, it is important to dry your pet off thoroughly. If you don’t have a dryer that is specifically designed to dry dog’s hair, a few thick towels will do the trick. Water tends to accumulate on the ears, so pay close attention that they are dried thoroughly.

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