Things to Consider When Selecting a Dog Bed

While it may seem like an obvious requirement to some people, there are actually many occasions where dog owners do not think of dog beds as being a necessity. Just like food, warmth, water, and love are essentials that all dogs need, so is a place he can lay his head to rest. As all dog breeds are much different from one dog to the next, the same is also true for the specific type of dog bed that each dog breed will need.
Dog Beds for Small Sized Dogs
When you are selecting a dog bed for a small dog, such as a Chihuahua, Terrier, or other such breed, choosing the right type of bed is essential to his well-being. A bed that is made out of a hard surface would not be sufficient for these types of dogs. This is simply because smaller dogs are not able to retain their own body heat nearly as well as many of the larger breeds. A better choice would be a bed that will make it easier for them to stay warm and comfortable. There are quite a few different styles, designs, sizes, and even shapes of dog beds that are made of soft plush material that is just right for small dogs. Some of the more popular choices are the beanbag styles, the donut shaped beds, and the traditional pillow type dog bed.
Dog Beds for Medium to Large Sized Dogs
Common sense will tell you that soft plush dog beds will certainly not be an appropriate choice for dog breeds that are medium to large in size. One of the biggest reasons for this is larger sized dogs tend to make a trail with their drool just about anywhere that they go. Keeping your dog’s bed clean would be a continuous job if plush fabrics were used. A much more sensible choice would be to select a dog bed that is constructed of a high quality durable plastic. A small pillow or dog blanket can be placed in these beds to make them a little cozier and require a lot less effort in cleaning.
Just as available selections of small dog beds, you will also find a wide range of varying styles in large sized dog beds. There are many sizes that range all the way up to about 50kg. The different color choices on the market today make it a cinch to blend these beds right in with the existing décor and furniture in your home.
Other Beneficial Uses of Dog Beds
While a dog bed is the perfect spot for your pooch to call his own and rest when he is tired, there are also other uses for these beds. There are many dog owners that also use them as a helpful training tool and as an area for ‘time out’ when a dog is being punished.
Keeping each of these factors in mind when selecting the right dog bed for your pets will help a great deal in making sure you select the right materials, size, and type.

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