What’s The Best Toy for Your Puppy?

One of the first things a pet owner should do when they bring a new pup into their home is to consider preparing a schedule for dog training. This is because the earlier you start with the training, the better results you will receive. It is also important to note that there are some breeds of dogs that are much easier to train than others. As a matter of fact, there are some breeds that can be downright difficult. This may be something you’ll want to think about before deciding on which dog would be the best choice for you and your family.
Different Types of Training to take Into Consideration
There are many pet owners that are not aware that there are different reasons for training, as well as techniques that can be used when dog training a pet. To a majority of dog owners, potty training is by far the most important reason for training a new addition to the home. Other reasons that some people like to train their dogs is for working or to perform various types of tricks.
Different Techniques Used for Dog Training
Before you start training your dog, it would be worth your while to do a little research about each type of training technique and their benefits. There are 4 different techniques that are commonly used to train dogs and they include command training, dog whistle training, clicker training, and crate training.
Command Training
When your goal is to have your pet recognize your particular voice, this is considered to be one of the best choices in dog training techniques. When they learn to recognize their owner’s voice and the commands they are speaking, you will have no problems getting them to listen and perform.
Clickers and Whistles
When you take your pet to the lake, the beach, or an open field so they can get some exercise, a clicker or whistle can come in real handy. Once they recognize the snap of the clicker or the tone of the whistle, you can use this technique to call your dog when it is time to go.
Crate Training
Crate training can be used for several different reasons. This is a handy technique to use when a puppy first arrives in your home and you want to train it to sleep in a crate instead of your bed. It can also be used when you will be leaving your home for short period and you don’t want your pet roaming the house. Some pet owners also choose to put their dog in a crate when they are showing bad behaviors. Some of the most common behaviors a crate might be used for include extreme hyperactivity, when they have an accident, excessive barking, or when they get into something they shouldn’t.
Never Neglect Using a Reward System
Regardless of what you are training your dog to do, whenever they get something right it is important to reward them for their efforts. Most dogs will quickly catch on and begin repeating their good behavior.

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